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The WHMCS module allows the admin and end user to

  • Purchase SSL certificates
  • Generate SSL invite URL
  • Resend Approver email
  • Resend fulfilment email
  • Cancel pending orders

Download Options

Installation Instructions

Upload the contents of the servertasticssl folder to your WHMCs installation at /modules/servers/servertasticssl/

Product Configuration Instructions

To setup a product, go to Setup > Products/Services > Create New Product

You should set the Product Type to Other Product/Service and enter a name of your choice. Click Continue to manage Pricing and Configuration.

On the Module Settings tab, select “Servertasticssl” from the available Modules dropdown selection and enter the Servertastic Reseller API Key and select one of the Certificate Types available from the dropdown selection that this product should issue.

You can check the “Test Mode” checkbox to test the module by connecting to Servertastic SSL Sandbox Test-api.
You can decide whether you want to calculate the number of years a certificate lasts by editing the Years Calculation Method. You can use either the billing cycle or allow a user to select using Configurable options.

If you would like the user to select the certificate type and/or number of years from the order form, you can create Configurable Options on the product as follows:

  • Certificate Type (This selection from Order Form if available will override the certificate type set in Module Settings)
  • Years (Maximum number of years for a particular certificate type is found after brand name followed by | on the Certificate Type in Module Settings tab)
  • Servers Count
  • SAN Count
  • Send Invite – This accepts either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ value. If set to ‘Yes’ (default) the end customer will receive an invite link from the certificate provider, if set to ‘No’ then no email will be sent from the certificate provider to the end user.

To know more about managing Configurable options, please refer to


To test the client area ordering process, login to the client area and visit the cart. Place the order as normal, and once paid (or activated without payment) an email will be sent to the customer with subject “SSL Certificate Configuration Required” and a invitation link to complete the SSL Certificate enrolment process.

Admin Area Functions

From any SSL Product in the admin area, the following actions can be performed:
1. SSL Certificate Configuration Required email with the invite link can be resent by clicking Resend Configuration Email
2. A Certificate if already provisioned can be cancelled by clicking on Terminate button.
3. Certificate realtime status and Servertastic Order ID can also be seen from the Admin Area service details. Certificate Approver Email can also be changed from here.

Development and Support

The module was developed by a third party. We are unable to provide direct support for the module but can assist where possible. We encourage you to contribute on Github