Troubleshooting Reissues

You will need to complete a reissue if you have lost your private key, if it has been compromised or due to a security issue with your certificate.

If you are having problems completing your reissue the following checks could identify the problem.

Does the domain match?
The CSR domain used in the reissue must exactly match the domain in the original order. If the original order was for then you will be unable to use a CSR generated for

Only open one order management page at a time
Some customers open multiple order management pages and then start to reissue certificates and receive an error. Each time an order management page is opened the session is overwritten with the new order token. Therefore attempting to reissue will only be valid for the last order management page you opened. Going to a previous tab and attempting to reissue will cause an error. Clicking the Refresh button on the order management page will ensure the current order session is loaded.

Private Key Not Found or Mismatch
This often happens with customers running IIS. If you re-use your CSR from the original order IIS does not know that a new certificate has been generated using the same CSR. As a result the certificate can not be installed. Make sure you generate a new CSR (do not use the renew option). This will then force IIS to generate a new corresponding private key. You will need to reissue again to resolve this.

Approver Email not received
Please see Troubleshooting Email Domain Control Validation Issues

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