Troubleshooting File Domain Control Validation Issues

For some orders you can upload a file to your website to complete domain control validation. If the order is not validation the following steps can help identify the issue.

Check the file accessible in your browser
You should be able to browse to the file location and view the file within your browser. If the File location is /.well-known/pki-validation/file.txt and the domain is then you should be able to view the file in browser at

Check for redirects
The crawler will not follow any redirects. The file should be directly accessible without any redirection.

Use the base domain
If you order for the certificate will also be issued for For Digicert, Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte, RapidSSL certificates the validation needs to be completed on (without any redirection). The file should be accessible at[file location]

For Comodo upload to non-https location
Currently for Comodo orders the file has to be available via a non-https connection.

Check for HTTPS errors
If your website currently has HTTPS errors such as an expired certificate or invalid hostname the file validation process may not complete. The crawler checks HTTPS first then HTTP. If the error is a stop error then the crawler will not proceed to the HTTP version.

Unable to create folder /.well-known/ on Windows machine
When trying to validate a certificate you must upload a file to the /.well-known/ folder. Windows does not allow you to create a folder starting with a dot. It is possible to FTP into your website and create the folder. You can also create the folder using the terminal mkdir command on windows.

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