Troubleshooting Email Domain Control Validation Issues

Often we have customers who have problems receiving the Domain Control Validation emails. These emails are required to prove control over the domain. The following steps can help with the delivery of these emails.

Check your spam folders
The majority of times the email is simply sat in the spam folder or quarantine waiting to be marked legitimate.

Is the Approver Email valid and working?
Check that the email address is valid and the mail server is accepting emails from external sources and has valid MX records. We recommend using the Email Test available from
Input the approver email you are using and check it is able to accept emails.

Are you forwarding the emails?
Some mail servers forward emails from one mail server to another. If the forwarding is not done correctly this can break SPF and DKIM records causing the destination server to reject the emails as spam. Try instead an email alias or direct mailbox.

Add to your whitelist
You can add the senders to your contacts to help with delivery or whitelist on the mail server. The details are as follows

  • Symantec orders sent from using IP
  • Thawte orders sent from using IP
  • Geotrust orders sent from using IP
  • RapidSSL orders sent from using IP
  • Comodo orders sent from using IPs,,,, 2a02:1788:402:1c88::/64, 2a02:1788:400:1cec::/64
Are you using Greylisting?
Greylisting is a method of rejecting the email for a period of time in the belief that a legitimate mail server will resend but a spammer will not. One issue is that the email might not be resent again before the greylisting expires. Ensure your greylisting is sufficiently long enough to avoid expiry (We recommend 30 minutes) or whitelist using the above sender and IP pair.

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