You may receive one of the following errors on your mobile device

Error: The certificate from the server is not validated.

Error: “This certificate is not from a trusted authority” when attempting to establish a secure connection with Android Mobile phones prior to version 2.2

There are problems with the security certificate for this site

error adding account. certificate from server is not validated

Invalid Server Certificate

From 9th December 2010 RapidSSL and Geotrust certificates have been issued from a new 2048Bit root. The GeoTrust Global CA root is not installed on various mobile devices. The GeoTrust Global CA may be included in a future update of these devices.

Until then you can install the Geotrust Cross Root CA and relevant Intermediate CA.

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  • Sully

    How is the Intermediate CAs loaded into a appliance device like the Zyxel N-4100 Gateway.
    I was able to load the Cert and Key, but there is no “Upload” area for the Intermediate CA.

    Can the Intermediate CA be on the same TXT file as the cert??? How would I format that on the .txt file?

    • Andy Gambles

      IT depends on the appliance. You need to really check with the manufacturer. But you can usually just paste both certificates in to one text file and upload that. Include the —BEGIN— and —END— lines.