Sometimes the Certificate Authority will refuse to issue a certificate. This can happen after the certificate has already been issued in which case the Certificate Authority will revoke the certificate.

This can occur for a number of reasons and is down to the Certificate Authorities issuance guidelines. This information is not made available to protect the issuance process.

Generally however the certificate will be refused or revoked if it is believed the site will be used to de-fraud or be deframatory or malicious. This is no indication that this is the intention of your site but that they believe this may be the case.

The other possibility is that someone has made a complaint regarding your site and the Certificate Authority has reviewed this against their issuance guidelines.

Unfortunately if the Certificate Authority has decided against issuing a certificate then then we are unable to intervene. The terms of issuance will state they have the right to suspend, revoke and refuse to issue a certificate at their sole discretion.

If your certificate has been refused or revoked by the Certificate Authority then please contact us and request a refund of your order.

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