Using a test account for API development

We understand the importance of being able to test any API integration before going live. As a result we have a test system available.

You will need an existing Servertastic ID to be able to login to the test account. You can generate a Servertastic ID while logging in to the test system or use any existing credentials.

To login to your test account simply visit

If you do not have an existing test account you will be presented with the sign-up page to confirm acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Once you are logged in to the test dashboard you will be able to obtain your API key.

When testing API development you should use the endpoint

Important information about the test system:

  • The test system is reset on 31 December every year. This means all orders and accounts are purged from the system. To continue testing you will need to create a new test account in the new year.
  • Sometimes we deploy updates to the test system before they are rolled out live. Especially if there is a fundamental change in process.
  • The test system has less resources available than our production systems. This can mean large operations take longer to complete.

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