SSL File Authentication FAQ

File Authentication is available as an option instead of email validation for the following certificates

Where should the file be uploaded?

During the order process you will be informed of where the file should be uploaded.

My SSL is for a sub-domain where should the file be uploaded?

It should be uploaded to the sub-domain.

My SSL is for a wildcard where should the file be uploaded?

The file should be uploaded to the base domain and accessible from the web. So if your wildcard is for * then the file should be accessible on the base url.


I have added the file now what?

The system will automatically check for the file at regular intervals. You can also use the “Poll Authentication” link within your order management page to perform an instant check.

Why is my file not being detected?

Make sure the file is uploaded to the correct part of your SSL domain. You should be able to access the file via your web browser. Make sure there are no password protection restrictions on the file and that it is publicly accessible.

I have already started my order can I switch to File Auth?

No. It is not possible to switch to File Auth from any other method. You must instead cancel your order and start a new one. It is only possible to switch from File or DNS Auth to Email Auth.

I am unable to upload the file to my website what can I do?

You can switch to Email Authentication via your order management link.

Can I switch from DNS Auth to File Auth?

No. As above it is only possible to switch to Email Auth unless you cancel and restart your order.

I do not have FTP access to my website

Your CMS system may allow you to create a file at the base URL. However the file name must be exact and the content must contain just the provided random string. Some CMS systems may add additional HTML tags. If you are unable to add the file you should use DNS Auth or Email Auth instead.

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