SSL Email Authentication FAQ

Email Authentication is available as an option to verify ownership of your domain.

My domain doesn’t have any email addresses

For some domain extensions we are able to obtain the email address listed in the whois record. This is not always possible but if available it will be presented to you as an option. Alternatively you can use File Auth or DNS Auth.

What email address can I use for authentication?

Any of the following email addresses can be used.

  • admin@
  • administrator@
  • hostmaster@
  • root@
  • webmaster@
  • postmaster@
  • Whois email address where available.

How can I use a different email address?

You can only choose one of the email addresses above.

The whois email contact is not showing as available?

This means the whois registry for your domain is either unsupported or currently unavailable. You should select an alternative email address or use File Auth or DNS Auth.

I have not received the approver email?

Make sure you check any spam/junk folders. If your mail server uses Greylisting then there may be a delay in delivery as the approver email can be sent from different outgoing servers. Also make sure that the email address is spelt correctly and receiving email. If the address has only just been created some systems can take up to an hour for the new email address to propagate.

Can I resend the approver email?

Yes. Simply visit the order management page using for your order and click the "Resend Approver Email" button.


Can I change the approver email address?

Yes. Visit the order management page and select Change Approver Email. This is only possible if the certificate is in the awaiting customer approval stage. You will then see a list of email addresses you can use.


I have changed my whois email address but it still not available?

Changes to your whois record can take up to 24 hours to be actioned within the system.

Can I change from Email Auth to File or DNS Auth?

Yes simply visit the order management page and select the [Change Auth] button.

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