SSL DNS Authentication FAQ

During the order process you may need to validate control of the domain. This can be done by adding a DNS record.

What DNS record type do I need to create?

You need to be able to create either a TXT or CNAME record.

What is the required DNS record?

This is generated as part of your order. The order management page will show you the record you need to create.

I have added the DNS record now what?

The system will automatically check for your DNS entry at regular intervals. You can also use the “Poll Authentication” link within your order management page. Due to how DNS works however it is possible it may take a few hours after adding the record to your DNS server before it is detected.

Why is my DNS record not being detected?

Due to DNS caching it can take a few hours for the record to propagate and be publicly available to the authentication servers. If you need your certificate quickly we recommend File Authentication or Email Authentication.

DNS Authentication fails for sub-domains using a CNAME record.

Due to DNS requirements it is not possible to use DNS authentication if the sub-domain being validated is using a CNAME. For example if you require a certificate for and this uses a CNAME to resolve then DNS authentication can not be used.

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