Servertastic Referral Program

Once you make a purchase on Servertastic you will be invited to take part in the Servertastic Referral Program. You can also sign-up at anytime.

  • Visit this link to obtain your referral link

What is the Servertastic Referral Program?
Using our partner ReferralCandy customers receive a referral link that can be used to promote Servertastic. This link will be used to track referrals and pay rewards.

What is the current referral program reward?
If you make an eligible referral the reward is 10% commission.

What is an eligible referral?
If any of the following are true the referral will NOT be eligible for a commission payment.

  • Existing customer
  • Order cancelled and/or refunded
  • Fraudulent order
  • Self referrals
  • Any other reason at the sole discretion of Servertastic

When is the commission paid?
Commission is paid 90 days after each eligible referral.

How is the commission paid?
Commission is paid via PayPal. If you are unable to accept PayPal payments we are unable to pay for your referrals.

How do I sign up for the referral program?
Customers that make a purchase from Servertastic will receive a unique referral link. You can also sign-up for the referral program directly.

I have forgotten my referral link how do I get it again?
You can access your referral link by entering your email address at this link .

How do I know if I have made a referral?
You will receive an email every time you make a referral with your commission details. We will send you an additional email when payout is due.

Anything else?
Please don’t spam your referral link. We may drop your referral account for any reason. Mainly if you do bad things.

We may change the rules and terms of the referral program and/or cease the referral program at anytime and without notice.

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