Servertastic ID

Authentication for Servertastic websites is now handled by your Servertastic ID.

How do I create a Servertastic ID?
Existing Servertastic customers can login using the same email address and password as before. If you have forgotten your password you can use the Forgot Password link. There may be a slight delay during first login as your credentials are migrated to the new system.

New users can Register Here

Why have you created Servertastic ID?
Prior to the Servertastic ID users may have found they had to log in multiple times during a session when they moved between sites. Such as reseller dashboard, support tickets, checkout purchases. The Servertastic ID allows the user to login once and this session be carried across multiple sites.

How do I login with my Servertastic ID?
Whenever you access a page that requires authentication you will automatically be redirected to the login page. If you already have an existing session the system will automatically log you in. To simply login visit site and select the appropriate option.

How do I know I am logging in to Servertastic?
The login URL will be secured with an EV certificate showing “Servertastic Limited” as the company name.

How do you store passwords?
We utilise Auth0 for authentication. They provide us with a token for each user. We store this token in our systems to identify which user is logged in. For more details about how Auth0 stores passwords please see

How do I change my password?
Visit and click “Reset Password”

How do I change my email address?
This is not possible via our current systems (we are working to add this functionality). You can contact us and we can schedule this into a maintenance window.

How do I update my contact details?
You can either do this during your next order or visit

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