Review certificates affected by the upcoming Distrust

You can check which certificates we believe are affected by viewing the Distrust Report within your account.

Orders placed via the Servertastic Website
If you ordered your certificate directly on the Servertastic website you should proceed to the My Account section and then click "Manage SSL Orders". You may have to authenticate yourself. You should then click the link at the bottom of the page "View Distrust Report". This will highlight certificates that need to be reissue or replaced.

Orders placed via Bulk Purchase / Reseller System
If you have ordered certificates via the points system you should log into the dashboard and then click "Upcoming Distrust Report" in the right hand menu.

Important Information
Please be aware that the reports are not updated live. They may include certificates that have already been replaced by a competitor certificate or already reissued. You can export the reports to CSV so you can keep track of which certificates have been reissued.

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