Reseller FAQ

The Servertastic Reseller program allows you to resell SSL certificates using our Automated API.

Pricing is as low as $9.00 a year for RapidSSL certificates. If you have an existing Servertastic account you can view the pricing information here. If you do not have a Servertastic account sign-up for one. It is free and no purchase is required.

The reseller program will allow you to generate new SSL orders and manage your customer orders via the API and/or web interface.

How does the reseller program work?

The reseller program works on a points system. You purchase points as detailed in our price list. The more points you purchase up front the lower the cost of each point.

Products are then priced by points. You use your points balance to order products either via the API or web interface.

Are there any commitments as a reseller?

No not really. You can sign up for no cost. The only charge is the cost of points. However we do charge an inactive account fee if you do not do anything for 12 months.

What is an inactive account fee?

If you have not added any points to your account or made any purchases within a 12 month period we will invoke an inactive account charge. This means we will deduct from your account the lesser of 100 points or your current point balance. If you have no points then your reseller account may be suspended. As long as you perform one transaction a year this will not happen!

After I have bought points can I return them for a refund?

No points are non-refundable. You just need to spend them on products available to resellers.

Is it possible to cancel SSL orders, and are there any related conditions?

Resellers can cancel SSL orders by following the instructions here.

Cancelled orders will result in resellers having points automatically credited back to their accounts, provided that any SSL certificates in question either haven't been issued or have been issued within 30 days of the cancellation.

Why do I have to purchase points to use the reseller program?

To allow us to better manage our reseller system and account for multiple currencies we opted for a points based system. You can purchase points in USD, GBP and EUR. Points allow us to price our reseller products consistently and provide you with the best discount.

Will my customers know I have purchased from Servertastic?

We will try and be as invisible as possible. All emails sent by the system do not contain any Servertastic branding. However if the end user contacts the supplier directly it is possible they will reveal that we are the originator of the purchase.

Can I use the reseller system to place automated orders for my customers?

Yes just check out our API documentation.

How do I sign up?

Log-in to the Reseller Portal above using your Servertastic account details or create an account during login. Your first login will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions – easy!

Is there a trial or test account available?

You can then login to the test system using the same credentials for the live account and place test orders at no charge.

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