Replace a Distrusted Certificate

There are a number of options on how to replace your certificate that has been or will be distrusted as a result of the Symantec Distrust.

Renew the Certificate
If the certificate has less than 210 days of validity remaining you can renew the certificate with a 1 year certificate of the same brand (RapidSSL, Geotrust, Thawte, Symantec) and the remaining time on your existing certificate will be added to the new certificate. Simply purchase the 1 year version of the required certificate from our website and select Renewal during the order process.

Reissue the Certificate
You can reissue individual certificates by following the instructions in this article: How do I reissue my SSL certificate?

Bulk Reissue Certificates
If you have more than 5 certificates that need to be reissued you can take advantage of our bulk reissue process. We will reissue all the certificates using the original CSR. You will simply need to confirm the certificates using either EMAIL, FILE or DNS authentication. More information is available in this article: Bulk Reissue Certificates

Replace the Certificate
If you would prefer to switch to another brand you can opt for one of our Comodo branded certificates. We provide a Comodo Comparison table so you can purchase a like for like certificate. If you select "Renew" during the order process we will add an additional 90 days to the certificate.

If you have any queries please raise a support ticket with our team.

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