Norton Secured Seal no longer available as stand alone product

From 1st March 2016 the Norton Secured Seal (sometimes referred to as Symantec Safe Site) is no longer available as a standalone product via retail or reseller channels.

The Norton Secured Seal is still available with the purchase of any Symantec Certificate at no extra cost. Customers who have previously purchased the standalone seal can continue to use the seal by purchasing a Symantec Certificate. There is no need to install the HTTPS certificate however the enrolment process must be completed for the seal to continue to display.

The Symantec Secure Site is the lowest cost option to receive the Norton Secured Seal. This represents a small increase in cost to customers who have previously purchased just the seal.

Customers may also want to consider the Symantec Secure Site EV which not only includes the Norton Site Seal but a weekly vulnerability scan and Extended Validation with green address bar technology.

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