New Reseller APIv2 and Dashboard

We have rolled out our latest API update with the highly original name of APIv2. Due to the complete overhaul of the API we felt it was better to move to V2 rather than integrate within the existing API.

Documentation for APIv2 is available here

The existing API will continue to function but will eventually be deprecated. New features will only be added to APIv2.

We have also launched a new reseller dashboard which integrates with the APIv2 workflow.

New Order Process

To place an order now you must first generate an order token. This is done by clicking the “Generate Token” button within the reseller dashboard. Once you have generated a token this is then used to manage all order operations.

You can use the token to manage your order by visiting either and entering the token or appending the token to the end of[your token]

The token is also used for all API operations related to this order.

Understanding Differences between New and Old Order Process

No Customer Emails

The major change is we no longer send any emails to your end user. Previously when you generated an order we created an invite URL which was emailed to the customer email address. This no longer happens. It is your responsibility to provide the end customer with either the order token or the review URL.

No Order Page Styling

We will still display your logo at the top of the order pages at However there is no longer the option to provide any styling. Instead we are working on a set of files that you can self-host under your own domain and use with the order token. This will allow you to completely customise the order process, text and even create local language versions.

Access to Orders via Reseller Dashboard

Important Considerations

Orders placed using APIv2 or the New reseller dashboard will not appear in the old reseller dashboard (we incorrectly stated they would in our email announcement). Orders placed using the original API or reseller dashboard may take up to 10 minutes to appear in the new reseller dashboard and have a token generated.

Accessing existing orders via APIv2

Existing orders can be access via the APIv2 but you will have to obtain a token first if you do not already know it. This can be done using the showtokens call to locate the order and token.

Switching between old and new reseller dashboards.

When you log-in to the reseller dashboard we will, for a short period of time, provide a link to allow you to switch to the old reseller dashboard and order process. This will be removed on 30 November 2016.

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