Maximum certificate validity reduced to 398 days from 1 September 2020

Updated: 19 August 2020

Apple announced in February 2020 that certificates issued after 1 September 2020 with a validity of longer than 398 days will no longer be trusted. In Safari on Mac OS or iOS.

As a result of this there are changes to the certificate validities available from Servertastic.

Certificates issued before 1 September 2020

Any certificate issued before 1 September 2020 can have a validity of up to 825 days and will be trusted until expiry.

Certificates issued after 20 August 2020

These will be issued with a validity of no more than 398 days.

This includes certificates that may have been purchased before 20 August 2020 and then reissued after this date.

Purchasing from Servertastic after 18 August 2020

You may see some vendors offering multi year certificates for up to 5 years. You will need to reissue these certificates each year in order to maintain validity within browsers. As a result of these industry changes Servertastic has decided at this time to limit certificate sales to 1 year certificates only. After consultation with a number of customers we determined there was significant confusion around purchasing a multi-year certificate but still having to complete reissues. We also see a potential risk in customers purchasing long term certificates and then needing to change the domain in the future or further industry wide changes affecting the validity.

We plan on investigating the option to purchase a subscription in the future and be able to issue a certificate as often as required for the subscribed domain. We feel this will be a simpler approach and easier to understand.

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