How to cancel a SSL/TLS order

How the order is then cancelled depends on the current order state. Once an order is cancelled it can not be re-instated. A new order must be generated.

Warning: If you intend to place a new order for the same domain name after cancellation we recommend you place the new order before you cancel the existing order. This is because placing an order for the same domain of a previously cancelled order will result in the order being flagged for manual review and delay issuance.

Cancel an order that has not yet been configured.

You will need to cancel the order using an API call. There is currently no web interface option to cancel an order that has not yet been configured.

You will need the order token. This is available via the order management page or returned to you via the API when the order was generated.

Obtaining your Order Token


Cancel an order that has been placed but not yet been issued.

You can use the same API call shown above to cancel an order in this state. The order will be immediately cancelled and the relevant points will be credited to your account. You can also use the Order Management link to cancel your order. Simply Select the Cancel button and click “Confirm” to cancel your order.

The API Call to cancel an order is as follows:{order_token}

Please note the order_token is not the same as your reseller_order_id.

Cancel an order that has been issued.

It is possible to cancel an order up to 30 days after it has been issued. Again the same API call above can be used or the web interface. Once you submit a cancellation request an email is sent to the Admin contact for the order. This email contains a link which the recipient must click and then select the “I approve” option.

Once approved our systems should update within about 5 minutes. For resellers the relevant points for the order will be credited back to your account. For direct customers you can revisit the order management page and either request a refund or restart the order.

Cancel an order that was issued more than 30 days ago.

It is possible to cancel an order older than 30 days however you must contact us to complete this. There are no refunds or credits for orders cancelled after the first 30 days of issuance.

Obtaining a Refund or Credit for Order

Once an order has been cancelled reseller/bulk purchase accounts will automatically be credit for the order.

Customers who ordered via our retail website can return to the order management link and have the option to select either [Request Refund] or [Restart Order]

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