How do I reissue my SSL certificate?

If you have lost your certificate, need to move servers or had a problem with the installation then it may be possible to re-issue your certificate at no extra charge providing the common name remains exactly the same.

Reissues are available via the order management link. You can find this either in your account dashboard under "Review Your Orders" for bulk purchase/reseller accounts and under the "Manage SSL Orders" section for retail customers.

Once on the order management page simply click the "Reissue Certificate" button.

You will be able to utilise the approver method you used with your original order or Email. You can revisit the order management page at anytime to check on the status of your reissue. However please note it can take a few minutes for changes on order status to be reflected in our systems.

Alternative Option for RapidSSL, Geotrust, Symantec, Thawte Certificates

It is also possible to reissue a certificate using the CA system. You will only be able to choose Email as the approver option. You will need the following information to complete a reissue

  • Your CA Order ID or your full SSL domain name (if your SSL included www make sure you enter this)
  • An email address associated with the order Tech or Admin contact (you will need access to this email)
  • A new CSR request. The domain needs to be exactly the same. For Organisation and EV certificates the company details must also be exactly the same.
Once you have supplied this using the correct form linked below a time restricted link will be sent to you via email so you can review your order. You should then click Reissue in the left navigation.

If you are re-issuing your certificate due to a potential security breach of your private key then you must generate a new CSR request and private key. Do not use your existing CSR or private key.

To re-issue a Geotrust or RapidSSL certificate please click here

To re-issue a thawte certificate please click here

To re-issue a Symantec or VeriSign certificate please click here

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