Declined payments but transaction was successful at bank

A number of customers have reported issue to us about failed payments. When you attempt to make payment the transaction is declined. However when you check with your bank they say it has been successful.

First let me re-assure you that the charge on your account is an authorisation only and it will disappear. (If the charge actually appears on your printed statement and we did not complete the transaction then please get in touch).

The failure is caused by our payment processor (PayPal) declining the transaction because of an AVS failure. This means they believe the billing address supplied does not match the card statement address. However many customers have indicated that it does.

Typical error codes presented include 10505, 15005, 10554, 10556 with the phrase “This transaction can not be processed” or similiar.

If you experience this problem (or any similar payment problem) on the Servertastic website please ensure the address details exactly match those used on your card statement.

You can instead attempt payment via PayPal directly by using the “Pay with PayPal” option (with or without a PayPal account).

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