Competitive Upgrade: Free Months when Switching from Competitor SSL Certificate

Customers who are replacing a certificate issued by a Competitor (see list below) and ordering a qualifying certificate (see list below) will receive up to 12 additional months added to their new certificate free of charge. The additional free months will be equal to the time remaining on the competitor certificate. We call this a Competitive Upgrade.

For example you have 11 months remaining on a Comodo certificate. You purchase a QuickSSL Premium 1 Year certificate. You will be issued with a certificate valid for 23 months.

To qualify during the SSL enrolment process (after payment) you must select Competitive Replacement when requested and your competitor certificate must be live on your website.

Competitor Certificates:

  • Baltimore
  • Comodo
  • Entrust
  • GlobalSign
  • GoDaddy
  • Polish CA Certum
  • USER Trust
Qualifying Certificates (1 Year Certificates Only):

Note EV and Wildcard certificates are excluded.

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