Change Approver Email Address

Once you submitted your CSR request you should choose an approver email address from those presented so you can verify your domain ownership.

However you may need to change this email address. You can do this by logging in to your Servertastic Account and clicking Manage SSL Orders. From here you select the appropriate order under “Pending Orders” and change the approver email as required.

Resellers can change the approver email address via the Reseller Dashboard

We can only use the following email addresses

  • admin@<yourssldomain>
  • administrator@<yourssldomain>
  • hostmaster@<yourssldomain>
  • root@<yourssldomain>
  • webmaster@<yourssldomain>
  • postmaster@<yourssldomain>
  • For com / net / org domains the technical whois contact can also be used.

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