103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown Error

When access a site you may get the above error in Chrome. This is a client side error.

This is normally caused by an external program blocking access to the internet. Hence the ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED.

One possible culprit is an Anti-Virus program or Firewall. This may be because the site has been blacklisted by the security program due to malware concerns.

You could try disabling your security software to see if access is permitted (This is risky should only be done if you are confident with what you are doing). Alternatively contact your security software provider for assistance.

Alternatively it may be that you are running an old version of chrome that still utilises SSL3.0. Many https websites have disabled SSL3.0 due to recent security threats. You may need to update chrome to switch to newer TLS protocols.

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