This message is sometimes displayed when accessing an SSL page via a proxy (including our own payment page PayPal).

It is caused by Chrome being unable to render the 502/302 proxy response for some sites (Issue 119713).

Check your browsers Proxy settings. If possible remove the proxy and try again.

To change this setting, go to chrome://chrome/settings/

Then Click [Show Advanced Settings]. Scroll down to [Network] and click [Change proxy settings…] Uncheck Automatically Detect.

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  • a common indian

    not helpful

  • The article has been updated to show this is a reported issue with Chrome and Proxies. Check you are not accessing the website via a Proxy.

  • 🙁

  • Rehanna

    No help at all 🙁

  • Johan

    very helpful thanks

  • charlie

    okay so my commision scolar have blocked all the site web how i can unlock it ???

    • Ask them to unblock it?

      • can you ask google or facebook to unblock you?
        in a world where everything is on HTTPS, how is it even viable, if i may ask?

        • Are Google/Facebook Blocking you? My initial response was a reply that Commision Scolar are blocking Charlie.

          • yes, on a proxy server with HTTPS, every link with https is supposedly blocking me, so i switched over.

          • It is most likely the proxy that is a problem.

          • yes, i agree on that, but there is no proxy which is a 100% success rate.
            i have been experimenting with them, many work with some, others don’t.
            guess it is end of the road for me if i can’t find a good proxy to work out…

  • Tony

    Hi, i’ve had the same problem checked all there was to be checked, finally decided to try different browsers. IE no go, Firefox neither. gave it a try to Opera, which is the 5th in the line of browsers I have. when transitionning from Ebay facturation page towards paypal, i got a whole different message, stating several causes could be behind the problem, then it suggests to hey F12 to disable proxys, did so, there was an option on the popup screen saying the proxys were enabled; unchecked that, and all fixed; right away. Now! this worked on Opera; Chrome still giving me errors. hope this could help anyhow.

  • Letharion

    This tip was useful, though it would be better if it stated that Chromium _wont_ render the result for security reasons, rather than “being unable”.
    It’s a deliberate choice, not a bug or missing feature.

  • deya

    I have the same problem with paypal pages. I don’t use proxy to connect to internet. I tried everything. I cleaned cronology, cookies, history book anything. I uninstalled chrome and re-installed, downgraded explorer. Disabled firewell and anti-virus. Tried to come back to restore previous settings of windows. Nothing there is no way to understand what’s the matter. I work in a office we have a server all other computers has no problems only mine. It’s a small office nobody can change anything on the server to block paypal. HELP!

    • Does it only happen in Chrome or problems in other browsers? Have you checked the Internet Options on the PC to make sure they are not set to use a proxy?

  • Miguel Espinosa

    Yeah, is very smart to remove the proxy… 99% of the cases if the configuration has a Proxy enabled… it MUST have it!!!