WHMCS Module Update v1.3.0

ModulesGarden have released v1.3.0 of the WHMCS module. This supports Servertastic APIv2 and removes APIv1 functionality.

Download the latest module from ModulesGarden

The order process with WHMCS now generates an order token. This can then be used within a control panel such as cPanel to complete the order or at the order management URL provided within the module.

Changes within the Module
Previously the module handled the entire order process. This is no longer the case. Instead the module simply generates a token that can be used to complete the order either within a control panel such as cPanel or via the order management URL. The module can also be configured to send reminder emails to customers when the product is due to expire.

We discussed the new implementation with ModulesGarden at length and decided this was the best option. Working in this way means that future changes to the order process or API should not have a significant impact on how the module works since it simply generates the order token.

We had to make some significant workflow changes from APIv1 to APIv2. The first API was a steep learning curve for us and we made mistakes in the structure and order flow which significantly restricted our ability to add new features and make quick changes.

We accept that this has caused some issues for customers and apologise for the inconvenience.

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