SmarterMail Price Increase

SmarterTools have informed us of upcoming price increases to the SmarterMail product line.

The announcement is as follows

It's been almost 10 years, and we have done everything we could do to avoid it, but we need to increase prices on some SmarterTools products.

SmarterTools competes against some of the largest companies in the world while providing the lowest cost solutions. We have been able to compete because we use every possible method to make SmarterTools as efficient as possible: We automate as much as we can, use the latest technologies to increase productivity and streamline the work for our employees, and we do whatever we can to keep overhead as low as possible.

Unfortunately, there is a point where you hit the law of diminishing returns and SmarterTools is as lean as we can be.

To continue reinventing our products like we did with SmarterMail 16.x, we are introducing modest increases for SmarterMail and some SmarterMail add-ons. No other products or services will be changed. That said, beginning October 1, 2017, we are making the following changes to purchased licenses:

  • SmarterMail Professional and Enterprise will be increasing by $100 US
  • MessageSniffer will be increasing by $50 US
  • Exchange Web Services will be increasing by $50 US

This will mean an increase in our pricing from 1st October 2017. We offer a 10% discount on standard SmarterTools pricing and this discount will still apply.

The price increase will also apply to Upgrade Protection Renewals and Reinstatements.

Upgrade Renewals can be actioned up to 90 days before expiry. Therefore if you have an license due for renewal before 20th December 2017 we recommend purchasing the upgrade renewal now to avoid the price increase for this year.

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