Resolved Invalid Token Errors

It has been brought to our attention that resellers using APIv1 may have been receiving "Invalid Token" error messages.

We believe this issue has now been resolved. If you experience this problem click the "Clear Session" button and try the link again. Alternatively visit then visit the order link.

If you are still experiencing problems let us know

What went wrong and how we fixed it.

The APIv1 codebase is no longer maintained and new features are only added to APIv2. To provide users who place orders using APIv1 with some of the functionality of APIv2 we started to redirect the old invite_url links to the new order_token interface.

However when an order is first placed using APIv1 it could take up to 5 minutes to generate an order_token that allows the new interface to work. If you visit the invite_url in this time the token responds with "Invalid Token" and this is then cached in a cookie. Because of the cookie cache even when the order_token is generated the interface still returns an error due to the cached response.

We have refactored some of the APIv1 codebase so that the order_token is generated at the same time as the invite_url. This means the invite_url can be used immediately and should redirect to the order_token interface without issue.

We made an error here and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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