Current Issues with Order Processing

With the transition to the DigiCert platform there are a number of known issues affecting Symantec, Geotrust, Thawte and RapidSSL orders. If you need to submit a ticket regarding your order please note that volumes are currently high and it may take longer than normal to respond.

When submitting s support ticket make sure you provide the Order ID or Order Token so we can identify your order.

Missing FILE or DNS Authentication Information

When you submit your order using DNS or FILE authentication some orders fail to return the required string. This affects a small number of orders. If your order is affected please submit a ticket and we will obtain the required string for you.

Order waiting for approval but approval completed

You may have completed the Domain Control Validation (DCV) via EMAIL/FILE/DNS but the order remains in the awaiting approval status. Please wait up to 3 hours for as the DigiCert may be delayed in syncing the order status. If the order remains in this status after this time please submit a ticket and we will investigate further.

Poll Authentication returns INIT

When you attempt to Poll Authentication for DNS and FILE authentication orders the system just returns INIT. Firstly ensure that if you are using FILE authentication that the string is in the right folder on your website. That it is accessible both via the www and non-www element of your domain.

If the order still does not authenticate please submit a support ticket so we can check the status of the authentication.

Unable to change Domain Approver or resend Domain Approver email.

Submit a ticket with the email address you need to change to and we will have the order updated manually.

Error when cancelling order

When you attempt to cancel an order you receive an error. Submit a ticket and we will perform a manual cancellation.

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