Changes to Servertastic Account Login

After careful consideration we have decided to migrate our login and identity management system to Auth0. Currently we use Stormpath for managing user accounts. Due to Stormpath forcing a migration to Okta we took the opportunity to investigate alternative solutions.

Auth0 was chosen for a number of reasons including some added benefits for customers:

    • Data hosted within the EU
    • Support for social logins
    • Ability to enable Multi Factor Authentication
    • Brute force protection
    • Password breach notifications

We plan to take advantage of some of these additional benefits in the future.

Action Required by Servertastic Customers
We will enable the new login process on 13 July 2017. Because we have no access to existing passwords (as you would expect) we are unable to complete this without having to reset passwords. Therefore when you see the new login page you will need to reset your password. The new login page will be under the main website domain and be protected by an EV Certificate showing Servertastic Limited as the company name.

We will also be sending an email with a link allowing you to reset your password.

This change is not as a result of any breach. You are being asked to reset your password because we have migrated to another identity provider .

If you have any questions just let us know.

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