Changes to Live Chat Service

We launched the Live Chat service just under a year ago. The aim was to provide customers with the ability to talk directly with the support team. We had not offered live chat for support before and this was an experiment to see if we were able to offer the appropriate service level and improve our support offering.

In some cases Live Chat provided a quick and easy way to help customers. However overwhelmingly we feel it has resulted in a reduction in the quality of the service we offer.

When utilising Live Chat we often found customers miss out important information or steps they had taken. The interaction was often drawn out as the agent would try to find out more information. Live Chat also infers a degree of urgency to respond. We found that customers would reply quickly to our questions with minimal information rather than consider what we had requested and provide a more detailed response to help us troubleshoot. This also placed pressure on agents to respond quickly.

Occasionally it is also required to redirect a customer to another team or escalate the issue to more senior engineers. This process via Live Chat was not frictionless for the customer and would often mean the agent had to raise a support ticket for them.

Contrary when we review tickets raised using the support ticket system itself it is much easier for multiple agents to advise on a single ticket and for us to transfer tickets between teams to ensure the best possible service. We also find that customers tend to provide much more detailed descriptions of the issues they are experiencing and as such help us resolve the query much quicker.

It may seem slow using a ticket system. However our first line agents are available 24/7 for online order support and we have an internal target to respond to those tickets within 60 minutes and so far we have not failed to meet that target.

Our aim is to continue to provide first class service with quality competitively priced products.

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