Browser Distrust Reports Now Available

Customers with a bulk purchase or reseller account are now able to review reports highlighting the certificates affected by the upcoming browser distrust.

To view the certificates affected within your account please login to the Dashboard and click "Upcoming Distrust Reports"

The reports is split into certificates that must be reissued by 15 March 2018 and those that must be reissued by 13 September 2018. We recommend customers reissue all certificates by 1 March 2018 to allow for any issues with the validation process.

The reports can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

Please note these reports are not updated live. This means if you reissue a certificate it may remain on the report. We will over the coming weeks continually update the reports manually changing the Last Updated date shown on the reports page.

Reissue Process
The reissue process can now be completed via the Order Management pages. Please see: How do I reissue my ssl certificate?

Please note at present the DigiCert system used to perform reissues is experiencing heavy load and multiple maintenance windows. This can cause delays in issuing and reissuing certificates. We recommend slowly processing your reissues rather than trying to perform multiple reissues in bulk.

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